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Roberts & Cowling - Business Compliance Tax


Business tax is hard and getting more complex every year.

Roberts & Cowling - Business Structures

Business Structures

Having the right trading structure is so important to your success map.

Roberts & Cowling - Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Yes, it’s possible to have a thing for your accountant, when you get the results we do.

Roberts & Cowling - Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

We are passionate advocates of cloud accounting (internet browser based accounting) and all the opportunities it represents.

What Our Clients Said

See what some of our awesome clients think about Roberts & Cowling

Having Ben and the Roberts and Cowling team on board from the start, is a huge contributor to the success of my business.

This is a letter to outline how beneficial Ben Roberts and team at Roberts and Cowling have been for the growth of my business since we first started working together, back in 2013. I produce and sell fine art for a living, establishing and operating a business in this field was something I would have found very challenging without Ben Roberts on my team.

Coming from the art world I knew very little about how I should structure my business and set it up to run as profitable as it possibly could. Ben and his team knew exactly how I should approach this structure, taking into consideration my big aspiration for future. I was lucky enough to find some success with my artwork series’ and exhibitions through 2014 and 2015. I relied heavily on Ben through this quick rise in activity and believe he helped me make some of my wisest business decisions through this time. I felt I could explain my creative ideas with Ben, and he was capable of helping me understand it from a business and accounting sense.

In early 2015, I planned to move to New York, to seize opportunities in this vibrant city. Ben and his team helped me understand the tax liabilities in both countries and managed to structure the business in such a way we pay the lowest tax possible while I’m working in the United States. At this stage, Ben has become a partner in most decision the business has to make, and very important to how the business operates.

My next venture is to expand my idea of how art is produce and sold, and I have plans to build a business in Hong Kong. We had no hesitation flying Ben over to Hong Kong to meet with accountants, understand what’s required to set up a business and then how it transfers to our idea. Having Ben and the Roberts and Cowling team on board from the start, is a huge contributor to the success of my business. He has become as part of the studio team as anyone else. We’ll be partnering with Ben and his team in our next venture and long into the future.

CJ Hendry Artist

This year we are now on track for our largest year from a revenue and profit perspective.

Roberts & Cowling is such an integrated part of our business. Ben sits on the board and is the CFO in our company. R & C provides bookkeeping, fortnightly finance meetings, monthly budget and cash flow updates, annual strategic retreat and the annual reports. Ben is constantly used as a sounding board for new ideas and is also commonly a speaker at our quarterly whole of business meeting in which we fly all representatives around the country to our Brisbane office. There have been some up and downs and I am not sure without guidance from Roberts & Cowling that we would have made it through. This year we are now on track for our largest year from a revenue and profit perspective.

Michael Software Distribution

Having previously been disappointed by the services of 3 other firms, it is refreshing to at last being able to recommend an accounting firm to my friends.

I’ve found David and his team to be very helpful and knowledgeable. His personable approach makes it easy for me to discuss any matters concerning my businesses and personal finance.
His support and advice has been invaluable in ensuring our businesses are structured efficiently and in compliance.
Having previously been disappointed by the services of 3 other firms, it is refreshing to at last being able to recommend an accounting firm to my friends.

Frederick Dubios Construction

3 reasons clients choose us to manage their financial wellbeing

We see our clients more than once per annum. We see our clients at least quarterly and in many instances we meet with our Virtual CFO clients monthly. This provides our clients an accounting service with the opportunity to ask questions and gain a greater appreciation of the day to day decisions that impact on tax.
Roberts & Cowling - Business and Business Growth Timing
Integral to our clients business and their growth
We meet with our clients to go through their end of year income tax returns and financials. This provides an important opportunity for our clients to gain a real understanding of the work we did and what we did and what we implemented to save them tax (as well as how much tax was saved). We believe that some business owners get the impression they are paying too much tax because they don’t have a strong relationship with their accountant and their accountant isn’t communicate appropriately with them. We believe your business tax return cannot be explained in a letter or email.
Roberts & Cowling - Small Business Ideas
Provide solutions with out of the box thinking
We advocate tax planning. Tax planning for most small businesses should be an integral part of the calendar. We like planning for our clients in April and May of each year, before the end of financial year. This allows us to put in place strategies before the end of the financial year that wouldn’t be possible afterwards. We always guarantee to our clients that we find tax savings that are at least double our fees in doing this work. It makes the investment decision in doing a tax plan easy!

How we work with our clients to achieve results


During the assess stage of our client lifecycle we take the time to understand what our clients want to achieve both in business and personally. We get a solid understanding of the clients current wealth position and also what obligations they have with other stakeholders such as banks. We like our clients to set their 5 year Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).
Roberts & Cowling - What Do We Assess


The plan stage is critical to long term growth of any business. Through-out the planning stage we work with our clients to understand how their dreams identified during the “Assess” stage are achieved.
Together we identify what the steps are along the way and also identify how those dreams can be protected from internal and external risks or threats.
Roberts & Cowling - What Do We Plan


Through innovation real competitive advantage can be achieved. This is where we work with our clients to identify how business and accounting systems can be improved. We also identify how tax can be saved in innovative ways.
Other innovations can include new lending products that restructure the way clients hold their debt.
Roberts & Cowling - What Do We Innovate


Business growth is a key ingredient of accelerated wealth creation. The “Assess”, “Plan” and “Innovate” stages set the business up to thrive.
Through the growth phase, we work to help our clients maximise their revenue and profit which in turn means that wealth will be maximised.
Roberts & Cowling - What Do We Grow


We assist people achieve financial retirement. This doesn’t necessarily mean retirement altogether, more that we help our clients create a financial situation where they choose how they spend their time rather than being slaves to their business.
We help our clients build a legacy that meant the benefits of their labours can outlast themselves. Our partnership with our clients is designed to give our clients the most important thing- choice!
Roberts & Cowling - What Do We Live

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