Robert Stephan

Green Energy

With Super Quick Electric in its infancy, having an accountant who understands the fragility of a company in the start-up process is crucial. With promises of support from a former accountant resulting in a serious lack of communication and a plethora of excuses, it’s been something of a revelation to experience the nurturing support of Ben Roberts and his team.
The difference is how Ben treats me. He doesn’t look at me as someone he can simply bill per hour to make a dollar. He looks at the long game. He adds value in his interactions and has done so from day one by offering up to date advice on good business practice and strategy. And by facilitating networking meetings between his clients. I’ve never said this before, however I’m actually looking forward to paying my accountant, Roberts and Cowling, great sums of money in the future. Ben has created an environment of trust by treating me like the “big” customer I’m going to be, rather than the little start-up that I am. Ben listens and advises in a humble, non condescending way and espouses a genuine care for the success of my business. Ben was initially my Uber passenger. He could have easily treated me as a glorified taxi driver, as many have before. Instead he established a rapport and treated me as an equal. His attitude, attention to detail and his reliability have won him this customer for the foreseeable future.