CJ Hendry


This is a letter to outline how beneficial Ben Roberts and team at Roberts and Cowling have been for the growth of my business since we first started working together, back in 2013. I produce and sell fine art for a living, establishing and operating a business in this field was something I would have found very challenging without Ben Roberts on my team.

Coming from the art world I knew very little about how I should structure my business and set it up to run as profitable as it possibly could. Ben and his team knew exactly how I should approach this structure, taking into consideration my big aspiration for future. I was lucky enough to find some success with my artwork series’ and exhibitions through 2014 and 2015. I relied heavily on Ben through this quick rise in activity and believe he helped me make some of my wisest business decisions through this time. I felt I could explain my creative ideas with Ben, and he was capable of helping me understand it from a business and accounting sense.

In early 2015, I planned to move to New York, to seize opportunities in this vibrant city. Ben and his team helped me understand the tax liabilities in both countries and managed to structure the business in such a way we pay the lowest tax possible while I’m working in the United States. At this stage, Ben has become a partner in most decision the business has to make, and very important to how the business operates.

My next venture is to expand my idea of how art is produce and sold, and I have plans to build a business in Hong Kong. We had no hesitation flying Ben over to Hong Kong to meet with accountants, understand what’s required to set up a business and then how it transfers to our idea. Having Ben and the Roberts and Cowling team on board from the start, is a huge contributor to the success of my business. He has become as part of the studio team as anyone else. We’ll be partnering with Ben and his team in our next venture and long into the future.