Robert Stephan
With Super Quick Electric in its infancy, having an accountant who understands the fragility of a company in the start-up process is crucial. With promises of support from a former accountant resulting in a serious lack of communication and a plethora of excuses, it's been something of a revelation to experience the nurturing support of Ben Roberts and his team. The difference is how Ben treats me. He doesn't look at me as someone he can simply bill per hour to make a dollar. He looks at the long game. He adds value in his interactions and has done so from day one by offering up to date advice on good business practice and strategy. And by facilitating networking meetings between his clients. I've never said this before, however I'm actually looking forward to paying my accountant, Roberts and Cowling, great sums of money in the future. Ben has created an environment of trust by treating me like the "big" customer I'm going to be, rather than the little start-up that I am. Ben listens and advises in a humble, non condescending way and espouses a genuine care for the success of my business. Ben was initially my Uber passenger. He could have easily treated me as a glorified taxi driver, as many have before. Instead he established a rapport and treated me as an equal. His attitude, attention to detail and his reliability have won him this customer for the foreseeable future.
CJ Hendry
This is a letter to outline how beneficial Ben Roberts and team at Roberts and Cowling have been for the growth of my business since we first started working together, back in 2013. I produce and sell fine art for a living, establishing and operating a business in this field was something I would have found very challenging without Ben Roberts on my team. Coming from the art world I knew very little about how I should structure my business and set it up to run as profitable as it possibly could. Ben and his team knew exactly how I should approach this structure, taking into consideration my big aspiration for future. I was lucky enough to find some success with my artwork series’ and exhibitions through 2014 and 2015. I relied heavily on Ben through this quick rise in activity and believe he helped me make some of my wisest business decisions through this time. I felt I could explain my creative ideas with Ben, and he was capable of helping me understand it from a business and accounting sense. In early 2015, I planned to move to New York, to seize opportunities in this vibrant city. Ben and his team helped me understand the tax liabilities in both countries and managed to structure the business in such a way we pay the lowest tax possible while I’m working in the United States. At this stage, Ben has become a partner in most decision the business has to make, and very important to how the business operates. My next venture is to expand my idea of how art is produce and sold, and I have plans to build a business in Hong Kong. We had no hesitation flying Ben over to Hong Kong to meet with accountants, understand what’s required to set up a business and then how it transfers to our idea. Having Ben and the Roberts and Cowling team on board from the start, is a huge contributor to the success of my business. He has become as part of the studio team as anyone else. We’ll be partnering with Ben and his team in our next venture and long into the future.
Roberts & Cowling is such an integrated part of our business. Ben sits on the board and is the CFO in our company. R & C provides bookkeeping, fortnightly finance meetings, monthly budget and cash flow updates, annual strategic retreat and the annual reports. Ben is constantly used as a sounding board for new ideas and is also commonly a speaker at our quarterly whole of business meeting in which we fly all representatives around the country to our Brisbane office. There have been some up and downs and I am not sure without guidance from Roberts & Cowling that we would have made it through. This year we are now on track for our largest year from a revenue and profit perspective.
Ben was willing to think outside the box and find a way to assist me acquire a commercial property within my superfund when I had previously been advised it wasn’t possible. Once it was settled he even went a step further and secured a tenant for me for the down stairs area of the office which was one of his other clients.
Kylie Copeman
It has been fantastic to work with Ben at Roberts and Cowling over the past six months. He has assisted us in modernising our business to enable our booking and accounting systems to talk to each other, resulting in us having much more up to date information to monitor our business. But more importantly, he has focused us to develop a more holistic business awareness including improving our team culture, our vision and our future plans. He has helped us with the specific processes and the bigger picture! We can already see many positive changes as a result of working with Ben.
Frederic Dubois
I’ve found David and his team to be very helpful and knowledgeable. His personable approach makes it easy for me to discuss any matters concerning my businesses and personal finance. His support and advice has been invaluable in ensuring our businesses are structured efficiently and in compliance. Having previously been disappointed by the services of 3 other firms, it is refreshing to at last being able to recommend an accounting firm to my friends.
Tanya Abbey
We deal with David Cowling from Roberts and Cowling. We were referred to him by a bookkeeper after we were struggling with our previous business accountant and needed to change to someone new - after we found a number of issues with how our business was set up. Dave has helped us grow our business by 50% year on year since as well as set up a brand new business. Our business relies on networking and referrals and we refer all our employees, clients and acquaintances to Dave and his firm as we feel that he provides the best service. We work at all hours and Dave is always available to answer any queries. He also assists us with his own network by referring us on to potential clients and candidates. He is invaluable to our business and we highly recommend him as a firm of choice.
Alice Quek
Congratulations David! Great to hear that you and your firm is doing great works that's gaining international recognition in your professional arena! It's such a privilege to be asked to write a testimonial for you even though we have yet to really kick off our project. But really thank you for taking us on and providing such excellent advises and directions. Haha....I'm not good with words...but it is without hesitation and with complete confidence that I can highly recommend David on his services. He's knowledgeable, someone who thinks outside the box for his clients and also to think from the shoes of his clients! We have had experiences with other accountants but none of them is like him...who would go the extra mile for his client! Thank You David and your team!
I first interacted with Ben when I was in a partnership that was far from optimal. Ben was a sounding board for my exit and how to manage that effectively. Following that exit I went out on my own and now run a national medical distribution business. The support that I received from Roberts & Cowling was fantastic to the point where they are a considerable part to my business. Ben is the CFO and Roberts & Cowling are responsible for all sales, purchases and stock control. This role is vital and without the confidence in them I could not continue to aggressively grow my business. I was meeting with Ben a years ago as part of our annual review and asked him what he thought was holding me back. He drew a structure diagram of different roles in a typical business and it was quickly apparent that the issue was that I was doing too many roles and was involved in far more detail than was required in a lot of areas in my business. It was then that I made Ben and R&C responsible for their roles and I was to have little involvement.  As a result of not being involved in so much and the improvements that R&C has assisted me make, my net profit has increased 114%. Roberts & Cowling is a key partner in my business, but they do far more than just the tax returns and bookkeeping. The business now utilises the following services: - Monthly board meetings - Cash flow projections - Budgets - Quarterly strategy days Ben is a key part to my business in that he can help me analyse things to maximise my returns, he is such a valuable resource to my business that any supplier meeting in Australia or overseas he is requested to attend. As part of my previous business we had the typical accountant that was seen once a year. I remember complaining about the annual fee but working with R&C would have to be one of the best investments I have made.
Susan Harris
I have a trusted advisor that genuinely cares about me, my business and someone I can turn to when I need to. Ben Roberts supports me as a business owner. He pushes me to learn more and to grow the business, but in a way I want it to grow, not just the way it should appear on paper. I trust Ben to provide me with advice and support that helps me make the business what I want it to be, but also pushing me that little but more as he has faith in what I am trying to achieve. I have referred a number of clients to R&C and have no hesitation in doing this again.
Terry Neale
Our business is the most compliant its been and we are going forward with the skill set that R&C have. Very good relationship, no complaints. Good team, good knowledge.
Cassie Lee
I have a good relationship with R&C, I am always treated respectfully and dealt with promptly. I would recommend R&C as I find them professional and effective. What is your business doing for you since moving to R&C? Helped to implement a more effective sales system which has enabled me to reach my goals of what I wanted when I opened the business.
Tanya Winton
It’s nice to know we can ring or email with any problems which may crop up, and feel secure in the knowledge that we are being looked after will all our tax needs taken care of. We haven’t been with R&C that long, but we feel secure that our tax needs are being taken care of. They have looked after us exceptionally well, with some great results” Can you sum up your relationship with R&C? Stress free, I know I don’t have to worry.
Donny Fraser
We have been using Roberts and Cowling for roughly 8 years now. Starting off as a small business they were very helpful in engaging us as a business partner much rather than someone who does your taxes. Since using Roberts and Cowling we have had advice on business growth, efficiency, networking opportunities, new technology and hold them in very high regard for the growth our business has had since day one. Since doing so our business has grown from a small operation into the largest in our field nationally. Roberts and Cowling have been with us every step of the way and assisted us in growth challenges, future planning and targeting. Working with Roberts and Cowling is essentially having an extension of your business to help you move forward.